Zeitronix Zt-2 & LCD Display Bundle Wideband Gauge AFR

Zeitronix Zt-2 & LCD Display Bundle Wideband Gauge AFR
Zeitronix Zt-2 & LCD Display Bundle Wideband Gauge AFR
Zeitronix Zt-2 & LCD Display Bundle Wideband Gauge AFR
Zeitronix Zt-2 & LCD Display Bundle Wideband Gauge AFR
Zeitronix Zt-2 & LCD Display Bundle Wideband Gauge AFR
Zeitronix Zt-2 & LCD Display Bundle Wideband Gauge AFR

Zeitronix Zt-2 & LCD Display Bundle Wideband Gauge AFR
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Fuel Pump - Yamaha ATV. Fuel Pump - Yamaha Marine. Zeitronix Zt-2 & LCD Display Bundle Wideband Gauge AFR. The Award Winning Zt-2 Model Wideband Datalogging System.

ZT-2 LCD DISPLAY BUNDLE -&#######xA0. The Zeitronix Wideband Air/Fuel ratio meter and datalogging system is a high quality, stand-alone system for use with carbureted and electronic fuel injection engines. &#######xA0;Zt-2 Wideband Kits provide the best bang for your buck delivering unmatched quality, features and capabilities for very reasonable prices.

&#######xA0;Our system provides the accuracy of a Dyno Air/Fuel reading right in your vehicle as well as multiple engine parameters. Our base system is very easy to install, Kit includes the wideband oxygen sensor, controller, wiring hardware, and the software required to start datalogging and tuning immediately. Supports Air/Fuel ratio as AFR/Lambda, plus RPM, Vacuum, Boost, Exhaust Gas Temperature, Throttle Position, 0-5 volt sensors, Air/Fluid temperature sensors and Oil/Fuel pressure sensors.

Tune fuel injected and carbureted engines. Very simple installation - connect two wires to +12V and ground and place the O2 sensor in the exhaust stream and you are ready to read AFR! Displays off, warm-up and running modes. Cut your tuning time in half! &#######xA0;The Zt-2 is an incredibly powerfull tuning aid. Not only is it a wideband controller but it can accept an array of inputs, and while connected to a lap top (via a serial cable) it can data log all of the values inputted. It is ideal for road or dyno tuning, logging 1/4m runs and track sessions, etc. Items included with each Zt-2 Kit: &#######xA0. Bosch 5 wire Wideband Oxygen Sensor. Oxygen Sensor Harness (10 feet length).

Serial datalogging cable with RJ-12 to DB-9 converting plug. 2 pin connector for the EGT input. Optional items for Zt-2 Wideband Kits. Wideband LCD display, ZR-1, ZR-2 gauges, Hacker/Tweaker Display, DashDAQ Touch Screen Display.

Boost/Vacuum (MAP) Sensor (50 psi/3.5 bar or 75 psi/5.0 bar MAP sensors). Fuel Pressure Sensor (150 psi / 10 bar Gauge Pressure sensor). Oil Pressure Sensor&#######xA0;&#######xA0;&#######xA0; (150 psi / 10 bar Gauge Pressure sensor).

ZAVT-1, Zeitronix Audio-Visual Warning and Trigger Box for failsafe operation. EGT - An optional EGT probe can be connected, no additional interface or loom required. Boost - With the supplied software the Zt-2 can be connected to an optional manifold sensor to allow the gauge to show vaccuum and boost pressure. RPM - The Zt-2 will read any standard tacho signal or can be connected to an HT coil's negative connection. Throttle position - The Zt-2 can be calibrated to read throttle position, as long as the engine has a throttle position sensor installed.

User 1 - A user configurable spare analogue input that can be connected to (and calibrated with) other sensors, an existing MAP sensor, etc. User 2 - A 2nd user configurable spare analogue input that can be connected to (and calibrated with) other sensors, an existing MAP sensor, etc. Additional temperature sensing probes for Fluid or Air temperature are to be connected to this input.

When a Zeitronix temperature probe is used on this input, the result can be displayed via the ZR-2 gauge or LCD display. Linear wideband output - AFR=Vx2+9.6 Non-linear wideband output Serial data output - for ZR-2, LCD, etc. Serial port - to connect to PC/lap top for configuration and real-time data logging and diaplay. Simulated narrow band output - replacing factory probe or to feed an ECU. The remote LCD display gives you a stealth look and important data in high contrast digital format.

The aluminum enclosure dimensions are 4.7" x 2" x 0.9 , slightly larger than the LCD display itself. The LCD fonts are bright white on a black background. High contrast LCD digits are visible even in a direct sunlight. A push of a button located on the right side of the LCD shows peak and hold maximum AFR, Lambda, EGT and Boost values. The LCD display communicates with the Zt-2 digitally through a serial interface. This allows for a clean display installation in the car, since all heavy wire connections are going to the Zt-2. The display serial cable is thin, black and easily blends with the dash. The new overlay is made from hard coated, scratch resistant material. The Zt-2 communicates with a PC Laptop via the serial port (USB to Serial adapters may be used). The ZDL logging software records up to 9 hours of data per log file. May screen layout options are available including Dashboard, overlapped or non-overlapping plots with markers and text.

The Zeitronix Data Logger software uses a black background for low profile easy to read night tuning. Logging start, stop and pause are accessible from easy keyboard shortcuts.

Excel and text file data export available. You do not need P4, P3 or even P2 laptop. Leave your new laptop at home and dedicate the old one to car tuning. We give you well optimized software that will run quickly on any hardware capable of running Win95 and up. Fully digital, smallest wideband O2 controller and datalogging system in the world!

Zt-2 is about the size of 1 thick business card. Extremely compact design for installation where space is a premium. Operating voltage 10V to 18V.

Switching power supply for oxygen sensor heater. Flexible Plug and Play Sensor Harness with a small, easy to route through the fire wall, connector.

Easy to install plug and play kit. Bosch Wideband O2 sensor Input.

AF R = Volts 2 + 9.6. Serial data output to the Zeitronix LCD, ZR-1 AFR, and ZR-2 Multi-Gauge Displays. Serial data output for real time datalogging (PC laptop required). RPM Input (tachometer, primary side ignition coil, crank, cam sensor).

The RPM input works in any car and any ignition system. Simulated and adjustable Narrowband Output to feed a stock ECU. Boost (MAP) Sensor Input: - 50 PSI (3.5 Bar) MAP Sensor, or 75 PSI (5.0 Bar) MAP sensor or &#######xA0;150 PSI (10 Bar) MAP sensor. Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) probe Input.

User1 Input: - 0-5 volt analog input. Voltage data is viewable on all models of the LCD display. &#######xA0; Software support for the display of Zeitronix pressure sensors. Customized data conversions can be entered to match 0-5 volt sensor specifications. &#######xA0; All converted User1 data values are displayed only in the software.

User2 Input: - 0-5 volt analog input OR configurable to be used with Fuel/Oil/Boost pressure sensors and Air/Water/Oil/Transmission temperature sensors. Data is displayed on the 2010 Model LCD and ZR-2 Multi-gauge as a pressure or temperature. Zeitronix Data Logger software will display and log data according to sensor type. &#######xA0; Customized data conversion values are displayed in the Zeitronix Data Logger. Warning Output for use with ZAVT-1 warning/trigger box. 1.43 to 0.64 Wideband. 21.0 to 9.5 Wideband.

25.5 inHg (650 mmHg). 50 PSI (3.5 Bar) MAP Sensor. Vacuum to 35.3 PSI (2.4 Bar) pressure.

75 PSI (5 Bar) MAP Sensor. Vacuum to 60 PSI (4.1 Bar) pressure. 150 PSI (10 Bar) Pressure Sensor. 0 to150 PSI Gauge (0 to 10 Bar). 392 F - 2200 F or 200 C - 1200 C. 0 - 1V (configurable rich/lean switching point). Configurable: 50/75/150 PSI Sensors, Air/Fluid Temperature Sensors (additional sensor display support through ZDL software). 0-5V, 4mA output see ZAVT-1. A FUEL PERFORMANCE 304 Stainless Steel Sensor bung in included with all ZEITRONIX Wideband kits at no extra cost!

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Zeitronix Zt-2 & LCD Display Bundle Wideband Gauge AFR

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