AEM 30-3020 Water / Methanol Injection Flow Monitor FAILSAFE Device 1/4 SAE Kit

AEM 30-3020 Water / Methanol Injection Flow Monitor FAILSAFE Device 1/4 SAE Kit
AEM 30-3020 Water / Methanol Injection Flow Monitor FAILSAFE Device 1/4 SAE Kit
AEM 30-3020 Water / Methanol Injection Flow Monitor FAILSAFE Device 1/4 SAE Kit

AEM 30-3020 Water / Methanol Injection Flow Monitor FAILSAFE Device 1/4 SAE Kit
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This kit can be used with All Water Methanol Injection Systems that use 1/4 OD tube. AEM&#####x2019;s Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device is the most advanced water/methanol failsafe device on the market. It actively monitors the injection system&#####x2019;s ENTIRE flow curve to compensate for failure under ANY condition, allowing you to use your water/methanol system with complete peace of mind.

If you have a water/methanol injection system or are considering one, you will not find a more advanced failsafe device on the market than the AEM Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device. Can be used on virtually all water/methanol injection systems with either &#######xBC;&#####x201D; or 4mm OD tubing.

PC programmable with &#####x201C;Auto Set&#####x201D; feature that automatically creates baseline configuration. Built-in warning lights inform user of an alarm trigger. Today&#####x2019;s water/methanol injection systems have proven themselves as a viable means for effectively reducing engine inlet air temperatures and suppressing harmful detonation. This allows enthusiasts to reliably increase boost and advance ignition timing without the need for racing fuel. Despite the proven effectiveness and reliability of water/methanol injection, there exists a potential for engine damage if the water/methanol tank runs dry, if the pump stops working or more commonly if flow volume decreases due to fuel contamination, a clogged nozzle or a leak in the system.

While failsafe devices for water/methanol are not new, competitors&#####x2019; failsafe systems have limitations that do not allow them to completely protect your engine if the water/methanol injection system stops flowing. Most failsafe devices have settings for high and low range flow parameters, but only monitor flow at a single point. And, without actually calculating volume versus time to establish a flow rate, instead running the system at full blast and using the nozzle&#####x2019;s potential for flow as your established flow rate, it is impossible to know the actual flow of the water/methanol system. Short version: if you think you are flowing 500cc/min and are actually flowing 300cc/min, and you are relying on your failsafe to trigger an alarm at a single reference point using 500cc/min of flow as your reference, then you have created the potential for engine damage. Other competitors&#####x2019; failsafe systems use a flow meter to establish water/methanol flow and utilize an external adjustment to trigger an alarm if the system does not detect maximum flow, using a time-delay strategy to compensate for part throttle operation. The problem is, water/methanol flow is rarely zero or maximum flow, and with all of the potential flow rates one can experience, a time delay strategy is not completely failsafe. Actively monitors the entire water/methanol fuel injection curve to trigger an alarm event under any defined adverse condition! Can be used on virtually all water/methanol injection systems with either 1/4 or 4mm OD tubing.

"Auto Set" feature automatically creates baseline configuration. Internal data logger records all injection flow and alarm status data.

Included high-tech analog gauge has black and white faceplates and bezels to match vehicle interior, and is programmable for either 0-500cc/min or 0-1000cc/min flow ranges. Gauge alarm and backlighting are user programmable to match interior lighting. Data analysis using AEMdata software.

AEM&#####x2019;s Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device actively monitors the entire flow curve independent of pressure, continuously collecting flow vs. Injection rate data so that any deviation from your established flow curve will trigger an alarm output that can be used to reduce boost or timing, change maps, add fuel, trigger a two-step or perform practically any action you choose to save your engine. It is PC programmable (with USB connectivity) which eliminates the guesswork when setting min/max threshold parameters. It features PC-based software and an auto-scaling flow map that simplifies set up, and has an &#####x201C;Auto Set&#####x201D; feature that will create a baseline configuration (a video showing its ease of set up is in the Media tab). And it will work on virtually&#######xA0.

&#######xA0;water/methanol injection system that uses &#######xBC;&#####x201D; OD or 4mm OD tubing! A flow sensor goes inline between your water/meth pump, and your injection nozzle.

Flow Rate is measured by the sensor and output to the 52mm Analog Gauge. Flow Rate is also logged internally on the built in datalogging memory. Logged data can be reviewed in the AEM Injection Monitoring Software. Using the AEM Software, you can set limitations and safety measures such as triggering a user-defined backlight warning flash if flow drops below a certain point. You can also trigger a 12V output wire if flow drops below a certain point. This 12V output trigger wire could be used to lower your boost, engage a limp-mode rev limiter, or any other safety measure you can think of to save your engine in the event of a flow disruption. Should an alarm trigger, the AEM Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device has one low-side (ground) driver and one high-side (+12v) driver that can be configured to turn on or off during an alarm condition. For instance, late-model Subaru WRX STi owners can connect the low-side driver to the &#####x2018;limp&#####x2019; wire behind the kick panel that will dump boost and pull timing via the factory ECU. If you have a supercharged Chevy 350cid small-block, you can use it to pull timing from a switched aftermarket ignition system. A high-tech analog gauge is included with the AEM Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device, with programmable backlighting to match your factory gauges. The gauge needle and backlighting can be configured to flash when an alarm is triggered to notify of a potential system error. This system also includes an internal data logger that records injection and alarm status data for future reference.

Tunable PC-based software with USB connectivity. One low-side (ground) driver and one high-side (+12V) driver can be configured to turn on or off during an alarm condition. Fully adjustable alarm delay and reset period.

0-5v Analog output for use with data loggers and virtually all engine management systems. Auxiliary input for use with AEM Water/Methanol "Boost Safe" feature can trigger an alarm event if there is a system readiness issue open circuit, short circuit, low fluid level, etc. What comes in the box. AEM Analog Injection Monitoring Gauge 0-1000cc/min.

AEM AEM Injection Monitoring Sensor. Black and White Gauge Faces. All AEM products are&#######xA0;available!

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AEM 30-3020 Water / Methanol Injection Flow Monitor FAILSAFE Device 1/4 SAE Kit

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